About Your Whip

As with any construction project, the outcome depends largely on the materials used. I use only first grade drum-stuffed kangaroo leather from Packer Tanneries in Queensland Australia. These whole hides are carefully stripped into lacing and pre-stretched before being trimmed down to final size. Each strand, be it for belly or overlay, is cut to length, tapered and skived to final and deliberate thickness.

My bullwhips and hybrids have a steel rod in the handle, 3 bellies, and multiple bolsters. My signal whips and snake whips have a kangaroo leather shot bag and a tapered redhide core as their foundation. Signal whips and snake whips have 2 bellies and a bolster for smooth taper and accuracy.

My cat o nine tails, galley whips and quirts all have the same multi layer construction as my conventional whips.


There are less expensive whips out there, but none with the combination of premium material and attention to detail that my whips have. As the bottom of every page of my site states, handing you my product is a handshake and a look in the eye. You expect certain things from such an action, as so you should from purchasing any of my whips.

Email or phone me to discuss plaiting a whip that will be designed just for you!

Many thanks,