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Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been plaiting whips professionally since 2001. I offer the finest in bullwhips, signal whips, snake whips, quirts, cat o nines, and other custom hybrids.

My work is my passion; this is reflected in every whip I make and I invite you to read some of our testimonials for yourself. I very much look forward to working with you & to plaiting your next prized toy.

Best wishes,

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Hours of work go into this craft of passion

There are a variety of lengths to choose from including the option of 12, 16 or 24 plait whips. Your color choices include black, whiskey, brandy, red, pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue, and natural.

Additional colors can be negotiated, be it understood that this will increase both the delivery window and cost of your whip.

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Built with passion, buy with confidence.

Hours of work go into this craft of passion. The commitment is evident, the reviews clear, and my word stands: You will get an item of quality when you order a Maker whip.

I only work with the highest quality materials and have honed my craft with over 2 decades of consistent & diligent study. When the whip we discussed leaves my home to head to yours, it’s a handshake and a look in the eye. Anything less and we need to discuss it. ~Bill

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I love it. My favorite whip I own so far. Thank you so much.


The Anatomy of a Whip

  • Belly:  An inner plaited layer of a whip. Like a whip within a whip.
    • Double-plaited belly:  whip interior having 2 bellies separated by bolsters.
  • Bolster:  A precisely tapered and fitted solid piece of leather bound to the belly, used to provide shape and density to the whip.
  • Plait:  pronounced plat not plate. The act of braiding or one of the strands of a whip.
  • Thong:  The main body of the whip
  • Stock:  The wooden handle of an Australian stock whip.
  • Fall:  A thin strip of leather attached to the point of a whip thong to which the cracker is attached.
  • Shot bag:  A tube of leather filled with fine lead shot that is used to weight a signal whip or snake whip.
  • Turks Head:  The decorative knot used at the termination of a whip handle.
  • Popper/Cracker:  the part of the whip that makes the crack when it exceeds the speed of sound. Crackers can be made of many materials, the most common being nylon twine or thread.
  • Overlay:  The outside layer of the whip.