I love it. My favorite whip I own so far. Thank you so much.


Bill, I have six of your whips & every one throws like a dream. The 5′ BULLWHIP has become a favorite for cracking  & short wrapping. The 5′ oxblood SNAKE WHIP is used outside, rolls out effortlessly. The 3′ hybrid signal whip flows very straight is a pleasure to use in scenes. The three 3′ signal whips flow smoothly, multiple movements continuous throws…effortlessly on target. Anyone that owns one of your  whips knows that they are full of life, made to be thrown.


Bill Stevenson is among the best of the very best. His whips are light, springy, beautifully plaited with exceptional ring work, have great transitions and excellent taper. He is on my very short list of people I recommend and order from.

Bruce B., Portland, OR

I spoke several times to this maker (Bill Stevenson) before I was able to commission one. Since I truly gained an appreciation over the years for the craftsmanship of some of the world class whipmakers, I asked if he could create one in his own style…an 8′ 24 plait with fancy ring work. When I received it , all I could say was wow. This is one of the finest examples of what I have seen with the other greats. I asked more than once in whip forums who people would name as the world’s top 5 whipmakers alive. Bill Stevenson’s name came up consistently time and time again. I can see why.


I’m over the stars with my new whip. Saving to order another.