Quirts are, by definition, any short whip. In recent use, however, they have come to mean a truncated whip with straps on the end.

I make the type of quirts more commonly called called “Dog Quirts.” Many types of quirts can be found in tack shops and the like. Most often these are cheap riding quirts made of cowhide.

Mine are made of first grade kangaroo and have the same bellies and bolsters that all my whips have.

Price: $255.00 (one size)

Base price includes:

  • Product
  • Shipping*
  • Two or fewer colors

Color choices include black, whiskey, brandy, red, pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue, and natural. Additional colors can be negotiated, be it understood that this will increase both the delivery window and cost of your whip.

* Included shipping is restricted to the Contiguous United States